Finished candle? This is how you remove the leftover wax from the jar

Scented candles are incredibly cozy, both indoors and out. Is your Mon Dada candle just about burned out? Don't throw the jar away! You can reuse it as a plant pot or storage jar.
How can you remove the candle wax from the mould? Read our tips here.

Boiling water

One method is to melt the candle wax. This is the best method for cleaning a Mon Dada candle jar considering our wicks are glued to the bottom. So how do you start with this? 

1 Protect your workplace

Het zal sowieso knoeien worden dus bescherm je aanrecht of tafel tegen gemorst kaarsvet. Bedek het oppervlak met oude handdoeken of kranten. Je kan bijvoorbeeld ook op een oude bakplaat werken.

2 Cut the wax into pieces

Cut the candle wax into pieces without creating holes. This will help the candle wax melt faster. It also allows the water to flow under the candle wax so that it loosens properly from the bottom.  

3 Boiling water

Fill the candle jar to just below the top edge with boiling water. The wax should melt and come to the surface.

4 Let cool 

Allow the candle wax to cool thoroughly for a few hours, after this you should be able to push it out of the jar. Keep in mind that the water may also flow out of the jar when you do this. Be prepared!

5 Remove the wax & wick holder

You should be able to remove the wick holder by sliding a knife under it and pushing it up. If this fails, pour more boiling water over it and try again.

In the freezer

1 Prepare the candle holder

As with the above method, cut the candle wax into pieces. When the candle wax freezes it will break down into smaller pieces. Smaller pieces are easier to remove from e.g. narrow pots.

2 Put the jar in the freezer 

Place the jar on a stable surface in the freezer. This is because water expands when it freezes, but candle wax shrinks. Thus, the candle wax will pull back from the edges. Leave the jar in the freezer until the wax is frozen, this may take 20 to 30 minutes.

3 Check if the wax is frozen

You can test to see if the candle wax is frozen by pressing on a corner with your finger. If the wax shifts or feels loose then your jar is ready for the next step. Remove it from the freezer.

4 Remove the wax & wick holder

Turn your candle upside down, the candle wax should fall out. If it doesn't come out right away, gently tap the jar against your tabletop or countertop. You can also use a knife to poke between the candle wax and the rim to push the wax out.

Cleaning the jar

There may still be small remnants of candle wax stuck to the jar. Try scraping these off with a knife or removing them with soap and water. You can also try to remove the last remnants with a cotton ball with baby oil.

ATTENTION! on the internet you can find other methods like melting your candle in the oven. Do not apply this method to the Urban Collection of Mon Dada! Concrete cannot withstand heat well and will crack.