Prepare your garden or terrace for spring!☀️

Spring is in the air!

Make your garden or patio extra cozy for those first evenings outside.

The days are gradually getting longer and the sun is increasingly present. Are you already excited to get your garden or terrace ready? Mon Dada will gladly help you!

1 Polish your patio thoroughly A first step for your garden or patio is obviously a thorough cleaning. Make sure you use the right product. The fastest way? Get out that pressure washer! 

2 Add color A new season calls for new flowers or plants. Place large window boxes on the edge of your patio or just place all small plants on your table. By the way, did you know that Mon Dada candle jars are ideal to reuse as plant pots?
3 Light it up If you don't have any garden lights yet, purchase them now! Do you still have one lying around? Check to be sure it still works. Need some extra cosiness? Then go for beautiful outdoor candles
4 Sit down & relax Now that your garden/terrace is all set up, you should be able to enjoy it yourself, right? Look for a nice garden table or a cozy lounge set. This will make your garden the ideal place for parties or cosy evenings.
Margot D'Hoore