Glenn Sestig for Mon Dada

The 60 fragrance collection

The power of architecture and abstraction meets the indulging feel of a pure luxury product in the new fragrance collection by Glenn Sestig for Mon Dada.

Named 60, the concept draws on the work of Hannsjörg Voth, and specifically the German land artist’s monumental ‘City of Orion’ structure in Morocco’s Marha Plain. Made of rammed earth by local craftspeople, the piece resembles a geometric, minimalist city, as the artist reflects on the architectural traditions of local communities. These references merge with images of the monolithic shapes and gently angled walls of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in Los Angeles in a design that balances nature and architecture, craft and modernity, pragmatism and imagination.

The result is a series of products that look refined and confident, layered but also bold and memorable.

The Glenn Sestig for Mon Dada collection is available exclusively online and in the following stores.