Are your candles refillable?

Due to the artisanal production method, Mon Dada candles cannot be refilled.

Since our jars are handmade, each jar is unique. Therefore, it is not possible to develop a refill that will fit every jar. 

What can I do with my candle after the wax is completely burnt up?

Be sure to check out our blog article on how to remove the leftover wax from your candle. You can't have the jar refilled with candle wax afterwards, but the jar is not lost at all. You can reuse the jar to put in a plant or herbs, use it as a stylo holder, or store other small items!

How are Mon Dada candles manufactured?

Mon Dada candles are handmade in our workspace in Harelbeke. The wax is poured in several layers which makes it a time-consuming process. We also make the concrete jars of our Urban Collection entirely in house.

For our fragrances we use essential oils. 

Be sure to read our blog article on how the candles are created, which describes the process in more detail.

My candle doesn't burn evenly, what can I do about this?

Make sure you always place the candle on a straight surface.

It may also be that there is airflow where your candle is placed. In this case, turn the candle up and try to move it carefully to another room. 

We recommend that when burning the candle for the first time, it should not be extinguished until the wax layer has completely melted. This is to prevent tunneling.

Can I leave my outdoor candle outside throughout the winter?

We give our jars a protective coating, making them water- and dirt resistant, but unfortunately they are not intended to be left outside in freezing temperatures. So in the winter it is best to bring your jar inside.

Can my outdoor candle also stay outside in full sun?

Our candles do not melt in the sun, they are resistant to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius outside, so you can safely leave the candle outside all summer long.

What is the burning time of the candles?

It depends on the size of the candle and how many wicks there are. The number of burning hours varies between 60 and 200 hours. The specifications of each candle state the number of burning hours, this is just an indication, it can vary and depends on air circulation and temperature.

The best way to take care of your candle?

  • It is important that the entire surface of your candle has become liquid when you light the candle for the first time.
  • The wick of the candle should not be trimmed.
  • During winter, it is best to bring your outdoor candle inside, the candles are not meant to be left in the freezing cold.
  • Mon Dada's greatest asset is that our outdoor candles can be left outside all summer long! Even in the full sun!


How do I find the nearest Mon Dada store?

You can find our products worldwide at our official stores!
To find the nearest distributor, please consult the points of sale section.